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Adrian McFadden - such a great loss

The Kings of Herts treasurer Adrian McFadden died suddenly at home on November 7 at the all-too-early age of 60. 

It was shocking news for the chorus who turned out almost to a man, along with several former members, to pay their respects at a touching funeral service at the West Herts Crematorium.

Adrian was originally from Galway and relatives from Ireland led the tributes, along with Adrian’s wife Adriana and his children Daniel and Louisa. Several members of a talented musical family expressed their love and sorrow in song.

The order of service was presented by the Kings’ Ken Smith and the chorus contributed heartfelt songs of special relevance - “The Irish Blessing” and the anthem celebrating barbershop cameraderie “Last Two”, the lyrics for which could hardly have been more fitting.

Ken paid a personal tribute to a dear friend: “Adrian, who was an impressive lead singer, was a special contributor to our barbershop chorus, and to our lives.  

“Not just his confident singing and joy in his presentation skills, but the importance he attached to understanding each individual he encountered. His belief in the positive created harmony in his singing and companionship with others.  We loved Adrian and we'll miss him."

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