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Poster boys of the retail world!

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Seems a long, long time since Kings’ ambassadors were out and about pinning up recruitment posters in prominent places. In the autumn of 2019, in fact - in a campaign that may not have brought in new members by the dozen but was a nice reminder in mid-Herts towns and villages of what the chorus had to offer. Then came the Coronavirus pandemic and for 18 months the Kings were in shut-down and poster-pinning efforts were at a standstill. Thankfully, the chorus is now back in full rehearsal and celebrating a large-scale recruitment mail-out that attracted more than 20 new would-be barbershop singers. The 2019 leaflets will be used again, as handouts when the Kings start performing in public once more, hopefully within the next month or two. All except one however. The one pictured here which seems likely to go on giving loyal service for the foreseeable future! On the community notice board in Sainsbury’s supermarket in St Albans Two years since the drawing pin went in 11 of our guys are still cheerfully reminding poster readers of the glitzy hobby which is theirs for the taking. Perpetual poster boys of the retail world.

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